Billet Rear Upright Kit - Evo 4-9

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The rear uprights have a slightly different role than the front uprights but the impacts significant. 

  • Rear roll center moves roughly 1:1 with ride height. That means as you lower the car the roll couple stays constant. Adjusting the geometry brings the roll center back up reducing the roll couple. 
    • This has a major effect on turn-in. To the point you will have to recalibrate your timing. 
  • Camber gain gets steeper and steeper the more you lower. The effect this has on handling is felt when the back lets loose. A lowered Evo ends up having far to much. 
    • The correction brings back closer to OEM camber gain and is felt by a much more progressive back if/when the car slides. Instead of steering to catch the car, usually all we need is to hold throttle and steer where we want to go. 
  • Bumpsteer range is neutral in the middle. But if for example you hill climb and want a little toe-in on droop for entry stability or autocross and want the opposite, it can be adjusted here. 
  • Anti-Squat is also adjusted preventing outside rear squat under acceleration lifting and unloading the inside front. 

All uprights are anodized black and sold as a pair.

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