Evo IV Front Upright

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Applying similar treatments as the 7-X have received with some special 4/5/6 considerations. 

1.5in (38mm) Roll Center Correction. Bumpsteer adjustment based around ball joint and caster changes. 

There are a few specific things needed for installation.

  • This requires a swap to Evo7-9 front wheel bearings and axles. 
  • The strut width is sized for standard CP9A struts at 18mm 
  • Ball joint needs the Evo5 style with an 18mm post. The Evo6 uses a different style of ball joint that doesnt work.
    • We may have a solution for that, but its not available yet. 
  • It may be necessary to trim the steering arm rod depending on your situation. The length of the arm may stub against the rod end blocking adjustment but I can not get the rod end any shorter.
    • The steering mount point position is also important and cant be pushed outward without altering Ackerman any further.